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A project to change the world with sound

How many pianos are there in the world?

Among them are many pianos that have been abandoned without being played for a long time.

There may be such a piano around you.


We are reviving such forgotten pianos, tuning them to the 432Hz classical tuning that revives people, installing White Quantum piano prisms and performing them all over the world.


Pianos around the world are in 432Hz classical tuningand when played with the white quantum,More than ever before, music envelops people with kindness, and the number of calm people increases,We will definitely move towards peace.

If you are not interested in the sound of the piano,never experiencedand elementary school studentschildsuddenly start playing, such as shaking the body and listening, clearly there is a change in this tuning.

In the first place, it seems that the human inner ear is formed based on 432hz.

Also, 2,500 years ago, Pythagoras said that all diseases can be cured with sound.

As part of the project, for those who purchased the CD "Ai no Power Oxytocin Vol.3", which was recorded with a white quantum installed on a 432Hz classically tuned piano,We have started the ′′ Oxytocin Relay ′′ that presents another CD for the relay.

A portion of the sales of this CD will be used to fund this project.

We look forward to your participation.

​ Let's change the world with sound together♪


Friends who agree with this project and work together, and support the funds mainly related to piano repair and tuning as the activity expenses of this project.We are looking for people.


We look forward to your participation♪




​② Email



(reception hours from 10:00 to 18:00)

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Oxytocin relay

The power of music to save the earth!

Let's play a lot of music that secretes the love hormone oxytocin ♪

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