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Q-bit White Quantum WQE

collective consciousness
oxytocin pianist


​​"Cococal Tuning"

just listening to the sound of the piano

Even the nucleus of the cell is tuned

you evolve and reincarnate

2016 New York Carnegie Hall Performance

 2017 Lecturer of Tokyo Mode Gakuen Music Therapy Department

Healing fair guest appearance in October 2022



Born in Kawagoe Town, Mie Prefecture.

In addition to performing at jazz live houses, etc., he performs his own improvisational piano energy work "Kokocal Choso" at Piano ∞ White Quantum Salon "OTONOIE".

Meeting with Dr. Hidehiko Saito, developer of white quantum energy, Q-bitWhite music was born.

The fusion of sound and quantum has made possible what was previously impossible with music.

Integrate the client's body, mind and spirit with ultra-weak vibrational energy that reaches deep into the cells and reaches the nucleus of the body.

People who listened to it instantly felt the tanden, the trauma disappeared, they evolved, and people and spaces were optimized.

The piano uses a 1972 Bösendorfer 170 white tuned to the 432hz classical tuning Werckmeister.

September 2021,In the wake of the concert at the social welfare corporation Keisenkai Shidami Gakuen, which was tuned to the classical tuning Werckmeister,Reconfirming the charm of this tuning, which contains many natural overtones, calmness and warmth, I try to play in Werckmeister as much as possible.

Learn to tune the piano at the same time.

Mr. Toru Funabashi, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, says that the students have clearly come to listen to music more often, calm their minds and bodies, and experience positive changes in their daily artistic expressions.

Started from July 2022In Japan's only healing piano "Cococal Choso" course,"Oxytocin playing method" and "Cococal tuning", which can be said to be the essence of piano playingAs a culmination of 20 years of music activity, he conveys secret techniques.

As a new initiative,Abandoned pianos have just been revived into a 432Hz classical tuning that brings people back to life, and White Quantum piano prisms have been installed to perform across the country.

As part of this, the Oxytocin Relay, which presents another CD for the relay to those who have purchased the CD "Power of Love Oxytocin Vol.3", is also being held.


Through music and musical instruments since ancient times,We have lived in harmony with nature, interacting with the whole universe.

In other words, humans were naturally super-awakened, god-like creatures.

Through the power of sound, you will experience the apotheosis of those times that you usually forget.

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