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Piano improvisation work
What is the “Cococal Choso” course 

Various over 20 yearslearned how to play the piano,Finally arrived in 2022,

Until now, on the front stageof coming outthere was noThe essence of piano playingfriendcan sayUltimate "Oxytocin playing method"

And it is a course to master the consciousness, image, and secret technique of improvisation to perform the one and only piano healing "Cococal Choso".

Now is the time to tell you,I had the same problem as you, and I played the piano.

Even if you practice every day, the sound will never improve. I can't play fast passages.

I also had many piano teachers.

As a result of continuing to practice unreasonably, my hands hurt and I couldn't play, and on top of that, my bones were distorted.

I was depressed to the point that it would be difficult for me to continue playing the piano.


Still, there must be a secret way of playing the piano that produces the most beautiful sound in the world!

I wanted to know it no matter what, I wanted to wear it, and I continued my quest.

After resuming the piano, it took more than 20 years to learn various piano playing techniques,After a miraculous encounter, the gloomy feeling gradually cleared up.

Finally, in June 2022, it was mastered, and in September, it evolved through a mysterious experience.I was able to complete the ultimate "Oxytocin playing method", which can be said to be the essence of piano playing that has never appeared on the stage until now.

✴︎This is an original technique that cannot be found anywhere on the internet. 


It's completely different from the feeling of playing the piano until now, like waking up.I would like everyone to acquire this wonderful playing technique as soon as possible.I started this course!

At first, I thought that the students would be able to learn it quickly, butWhen I startedEveryone quickly mastered this technique.

I thought it took more than 20 years (laughs).


Now, the happy face of the student when the sound changes has become the best moment for each other!

This oxytocin playing method, of course,We are telling you all the secrets of the healing piano without hiding it.


The frequency 432hz, which is currently attracting attention, and the difference between just intonation, equal temperament, and classical tuning,We are talking about a very important issue of tuning.

This content is probably a fact that most people who play the piano do not know.


Recommended for people like this

・I don't like the sound of my piano

・I can't play the pianissimo well

・I want to be more relaxed on the piano

・I want to experience the overtones and resonance of the piano

・I want to master even more beautiful sounds

・I'm interested in 432hz and just intonation, but I don't know what the differences are.

・I want to improvise, but I don't know what to do

・I want to play a more gentle and soothing piano

・I want to know theoretically how to make the original good sound of the piano, not just the feeling

・I want to heal people around me with the piano

・I want to play the piano freely without being nervous

・I want to know more about healing methods

・ I want to wrap the client softly with sound

・I'm doing it in my own way, but it's not going well

If you take this course

・You will love your own sound, and the time to play the piano will be a blissful time.

・By playing healing sounds, you can heal yourself and those around you 

・The original beautiful sound of the piano can be extracted from the space.

・You can trust yourself and relax while playing

・Fingers move flexibly and can be played delicately.

​・You will be able to play songs that you could not play before.

・You can maintain your technique without practicing every day

・Experience and understand differences in piano temperament

- Much better at matching with other instruments

・The whole family will be kind, calm and fun

・Healing makes people around you happy

・Be able to play songs for each person

・You can make piano healing work



・The sound will change drastically in one session.


・Several piano teachers have taken lessons, and I'm telling you from an angle that they didn't know until now.


・The teacher doesn't know much about the structure of the piano, so there are times when he teaches like this intuitively.


・You will see, hear, and feel the differences in playing styles.


・The sound will never improve with the extension of the current practice.


・Actually, you may have been taught how to play that makes only noise.


・It is impossible that knowing this does not change the sound.


・After more than 20 years of continuous pursuit, received from various teachers, and miraculous encounters, I finally arrived at this June.

​・It may be hard to believe, but 100% of those who have taken it have mastered it.

・Many people, including piano teachers, have commented that it's eye-opening.

Some even told me that they wanted all piano teachers to know about it.


・We received many comments that it became really easy to play, and that their own sounds were soothing.

(Comments are posted below.)


・The sound has changed, but you didn't notice it yourself.There was one person, but after that, he himself noticed it, and it's getting better and better.


・When I was a lecturer at the Tokyo Mode Gakuen Music Therapy Department, and at a university course in Taiwan, everyone's sound changed in an instant, and it was well received.

This lecture is a more developed playing method, and everyone has a good sound.


・Who decided the reference tone A=440Hz?


・Does equal temperament include notes that resonate naturally?


Do you know the stretching of piano tuning?


The power of sound

will save the earth

from competition musicMusic that changes the world with the sound of a single note

and,The number of friends like that will increasewith joygo on

"Oxytocin playing method" "Cococal tuning"wearing a


friends, family and othersOn the earth, such as purification of the field,and into spaceI hope that the number of people who will play for me will increase.I sincerely hope.



Details such as fees will be communicated directly via LINE or ZOOM.

If you have any questions or would like to hear more about the content, please feel free to contact us.

Contact method



​② Email



(reception hours from 10:00 to 18:00)

Impression ①

piano teacher KT

Thank you for the "Cococal Chorus" course the other day.

It was a very enjoyable and fulfilling day as the course was very informative and the content of the course was very detailed as he carefully taught me how to play.

Personally, I feel that the playing style that you taught me is not completely different from the way I have played so far, but it is more simple as if I were to remove the extra parts of my playing style. I felt like I was getting lighter.

There are moments when I feel very comfortable and beautiful while playing, and it is very comfortable.

There were many things that surprised me about tuning, and it was interesting to see the difference in how sounds are perceived depending on the tuning.

I listened to sounds that were tuned to a pleasant sound for a while, and then when I listened to the sounds of unsettling tuning, my head hurt a little and I felt nauseous. It's just

After taking the course, the feeling of playing changes every time you practice, and sometimes you suddenly notice that the feeling of playing improves.

For example, when practicing using yurumu kotoba, it's easier to play by actually feeling "the state of being already" instead of just saying it.

By doing basic practice slowly and carefully, it can lead to realizations, so I think it's important to keep working hard every day in many ways.

Thank you very much for allowing me to participate in this class in a warm and friendly atmosphere from beginning to end.

It was really fun to learn about a new world of sound and experience it with all five senses.

Impression ②

Mr. H from Nagoya

I stopped playing the piano when I took university entrance exams. After growing up, I wanted to play the piano again, so after a few years of hiatus, I resumed playing the piano.

Piano is really fun and I have met many wonderful musicians through music.

I learned how important teacher selection is.

For this reason, I had a strong will to only be taught by a teacher whom I was satisfied with.

It is said that the best way to get things done is to learn from an expert in the field.

Conversely, if you choose the wrong specialist, you may end up taking a detour.

I wanted to know the fundamentals of piano.

In the meantime, 20 years had passed since I resumed playing the piano.

After attending Sugimaru's course the other day, I feel like I understand why I haven't studied under him for 20 years.

It was just like connecting the dots.

I was deeply moved by the fact that I wanted this for the piano, to which I had devoted most of my life.

They say that the important things are simple, but even though it is simple, it took me 40 years to learn it for the first time.

If you want to know the essential performance techniques of piano playing and the infinite power of music, please take this course.

Your piano life will change forever!

Impression ③

Resident of Saitama prefecture Reiko Sawai

I think the two days were a series of discoveries and integrations.

I knew very little about tuning, so I was often surprised.

Isn't this something that can be taught outside of this course? I thought.

You will be able to understand things that you have known by chance until now, such as the difference in dynamics between ⚪︎⚪︎ and how to play from the ⚪︎⚪︎⚪︎ keyboard. This sense of integration, which had been vague, was cleared up and led to a deeper understanding.

In addition, I was given enough time to practice, so I was able to acquire basic playing techniques. I'm here.

I'm really glad I trusted my intuition and took the course.

thank you very much.

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