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​Piano improvised energy work
"Cococal Chorus"

​Together with ultra-weak vibration of
Q-bit White quantum WQE

Sound and music will continue to evolve into future medicine


This is a piano improvised energy work devised by Taichi Sugimaru.


Connect with the collective consciousnessyour melodyplay,I will record it and give it to you.


Whenever you are listening to this musicIt will be connected with the collective consciousness and optimized and updated.

You just listen quietly.

I Play with my eyes closed and theta wave.

placed on the pianoWith the ultra-weak vibration of the white quantum,Sound to the nucleus of your bodyreachsoPenetrates deep into consciousness.

I hear the melody is,By cleansing and integrating the body, mind and spiritoptimized,the voice of your own soulclose your eyes clearlyin a state ofColors, images, and words come to mind,theywill wake up easily.​

Piano and White Quantum (WQE)We and the environment that surrounds us through fusionAll trajectory corrected,It evolves into its original most beautiful form.

surely,what you are really aiming forI can see it.

Beautiful inside and out,To myself who wants to become more powerfulchangeI will continue.


You can also feel the feeling that the tanden is in and the core is in place.soWhen it's over, I naturally crythose who overflowThere are many.

The made-to-order melodyReturn to your true self, understand the value of your own existence, and make your wishes fasterthat it will come trueThey support me.


Anxiety can disappear in an instant.

Starting from February 2017,More than 800 people received it,New idea due to the corona situationRemote session participantsOver 100 people.

"Cococal Chorus"​,In an unstable world, now is the timefor your own improvementto get to know yourself betterpleaseI would like you to make use of it.

Also, mobile phones, etc.When you play your recorded music,For those around youDan Tian isto enterand,I hope you give it a try.


​About White Quantum

When a white quantum WQE prism dedicated to piano is installed, the white quantum is released into the space along with the tone of the piano, reaching deep into the cells of the person receiving "Kokocal Choso" (Hidehiko Saito).

It is the first human event that quantum energy reaches the atomic nuclei in all substances, which was impossible until now.

You may notice the sensation of sound reaching to the atomic nucleus that you have never experienced before.


The waves of ultra-weak vibrations adjust and restore cells that have been distorted by the effects of daily stress and harmful electromagnetic waves.


Although it is not generally known yet, the amazingness of ultra-weak vibration has already been used in various fields overseas, and in Japan, it is applied in all fields such as agriculture, fisheries, food and drink, health, music, etc. We are contributing to unlocking the potential.

Dr. Hidehiko Saito for about 40 yearsI have been researching, developed for each instrument.


Recommended for people like this

・ I want to change my life

・I want to increase my motivation

・ I want to make my dreams and wishes come true

・I want to raise my vibration

(I want to raise the dimension)

・ I want my own axis

・Feeling hazyI want to refresh

About Piano 

The piano you play

1972 Viennese classicIt's a bosendorfer.

It is known as the piano of the royal family government around the world.

Same as the soundboard for the bodyusing spruce woodIt is a structure that the whole piano resonates.

Because the sound is soft and detailed and envelops the space, also suitable for music therapy.


Three major effects of cococal tuning

Love Hormone 

Stimulates the secretion of oxytocin

Instantly enter the tanden and align the trunk axis

(both mentally and physically

the performance


Brain waves become

θ-theta waves

(directly to collective

consciousness  can lead)

・By arranging the trunk axis, Harmful electromagnetic waves andfrom the surroundingbad influenceless likely to receive

・Increases immunity 

-Increased resilience, become energetic and less tired

・Be healthier and more beautiful

・Brain and heart are healed,feel happy

Awaken to the power of love,regain a sense of humanity

-Reduced anxiety and fearBe kind to your surroundings

・For the surroundingshave peace of mindbirth,gentlyand at the same timefrom the surroundingstreat me kindlybe able to

・Worries and problems changelife gets better

・Regain calmness

・Thinking forward

・Improve concentration, action, and ability to execute

① Tanden check

② Trunk axis check

③ Electromagnetic wave check

④ Negative emotion check

Before/After check


Cococal tune has 3 patterns


Please come to the music salon "Otonoya" in Meito Ward, Nagoya City.

Sitting on a sofa next to the pianoI will accept it.

(After applying for the address details,I will tell you)

playing time is 2around 0 minutes,90 minutes for the entire sessionis.

・90 minutes 44,000 yen (tax included) 

​ *Repeat within 3 months is 27,500 yen

Sound source recorded on the spotI will give you a CD.

so that you can always listensound source dataI will put it in my cell phone.


Those who only listen with their companions 11,000 yen (tax included)(Present CD orwith sound source data)* Gift CD is cococal tune ・With White Quantum WQE


・At your home or other place of your choiceyou can receive


​・Along with people (family, friends, etc.)can receive together

・Zoom, Facetime, phone, through

・With headphones or earphonesIt is effective if you listen to

・Performance time is around 15 minutes,Approximately 40 minutes for the entire session

・High-quality sound for piano performances in sessionsRecorded with a microphone and data within the dayI will send

・The recorded CD will be mailed at a later date.

40 minutes 22,000 yen (CD shipping included, tax included)(free for those who are present)


Please send us your name or a photo of yourself in the application form or LINE.

​The photo can be of any shape, such as life-size or just the face.

Hide your face with a star mark, etc.It's okay to have it.

We will accept your name only.

in about a weekI will create a song.

On the same day, we will send the sound source data via LINE etc. and mail the CD.

14,300 yen (CD shipping included, tax included)

*Before and after the session,If you can do it with your family and friends,It is recommended because it is easy to feel the change​

*Session times are approximate

* Payment method: bank transfer, credit card


great value

​ regular ticket

By receiving "Cococal Choso" regularly, your body, mind and spirit will be integrated and evolved each time.

Each time you receive it, it will optimize and transform your life into more than you ever wanted.


It is said that many cells in the skin and internal organs are replaced in about a month.

Feeling that my song is about to change, or wanting to hear the next songand,Please accept it again when the signature comes ♪


It is a ticket that can be received by multiple people multiple times within a year.

You can receive it with your friends or give it as a gift ♪

3 times ticket ¥88,000(tax included)  (29,333 yen per session)


​How to apply

↑Click here

​If you would like to apply for "salon" or "remote", the application form is the smoothest way to apply.



↑Click here

If you would like your name and photo, LINE is the smoothest way to apply.
Add me as a LINE friend and send me "face-to-face", "remote" or "photo".

​③ Call


(Reception hours: 10:00 to 18:00)

Impression ①

Mr. J.

Good evening.
My song made my third eye hurt so much, and I shuddered at the energy welling up from Tanden many times.

Ah, I remember feeling like this when I was circling the stars.

There are stars that will perish, and although I am a little sad, I am also happy.

I was filled with such emotions.

The music for M Pineal Gland Activation had the image of feeling pressure on the Third Eye, flapping its wings, and flying through the sky.

I remember that I was once a race that could fly.

Impression ②

Mr. S

Thank you 🥰

my song is nice🥰

It resonated with the vague feelings deep in my heart right now, and it became a strange feeling.

After that, I felt that my feelings were healed ☺️

I can't express it well, but I felt that my body and the song became one 🤩

With "my song", you can feel your existence and meaning✨

Thank you 😍😍😍

Impression ③

K-san family

All songs were great!  

I was healed by being in space, being in the deep ocean, and being in nature.

When I listen to it, I feel like I can sleep deeply!

It's dangerous if you listen to it in the car!?

I look forward to listening to it every day.  

I am excited to see the changes in the whole family.  

Starting to catch a cold? When my body was heavy, when I heard it!! ️ The heavy body is gone.

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