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4 years old

meet the piano


12 years old

After graduating from elementary school, he temporarily stopped playing the piano.


junior high school

As a middle- and long-distance athlete, he devotes himself to training.

In addition, he formed a rock band and was in charge of vocals.


Hiroshima University days

A shocking encounter with jazz Joined the jazz lab and resumed playing the piano.



Instructed by Hisayuki Obara, an innovative playing technique that transcends preconceived notions.


October 2016

Successful performance at Carnegie Hall in New York.



Produced corporate image songs (Royal Juken, Skater, etc.).


February 2017

Started piano healing "Cococal Choso".


August 2017

Lecturer, Department of Music Therapy, Tokyo Mode Gakuen


October 2017

During the Taiwan tour, the Pingtung Newspaper covered a piano lecture at Dajin University of Science and Technology, and it was broadcast on television.

December 2017

During the Malaysia and Singapore tour, he gave a piano lecture and performed "Cococal Chorus" at the Malaysian College of Music.


March 2017

CD album "Oneness", album "Sei Mei" released in December 2017

July 2018

Duo album "Impression" released with violinist Makoto Takahashi


December 2018

Released the CD "Power of Love Oxytocin Vol.1".

This original song has been scientifically proven by the Metatron, a Russian medical wave motion measuring device, and the Aratec system, which was developed in the United States. there is


Dr. Oxytocin Sponsored the Oxytocin Cantabile with Dr. Toku Takahashi.


March 2020

"Love Power Oxytocin Vol.2" released 


July 2021

Incorporating Healing Wave (HW) into the individual session "Kokocal Choso", physical and mental changes will appear more clearly.


September 2021

Adopt classical tuning Werckmeister III method, no stretching.

Compared to the conventional equal temperament, the sound is clearer and more natural, and the response to "Kokocal Choso" is expanding.


October 2021

Playing the sound of the Tesla MedBed Generator from the origin of the universe, selling a monitor CD to some people in preparation for the CD release.



Yoshida Integrated Research Institute HW "Feast of 3 Great Frequencies" performed to open the sound.


January 2022

Meet White Quantum Energy (WQE) and spherical wave speakers at Hikaruland's "Hi-Ringo-Yah!"

I am confident that not only will the sound of the piano shine brighter, but that it will also penetrate the mind and body of the person receiving the session, allowing them to feel the sound waves.


From February 2022

Started "Kokokaru Choso" with Hikaruland's "Hi-Ringo-Yah!"


April 2022

Opened Piano ∞ White Quantum Salon "Otonoya" in Meito-ku, Nagoya.


June 2022

Completed the "Oxytocin playing method", which can be said to be the essence of piano playing.

​ “Project to change the world with sound” started


July 2022

At the same time as the release of the latest CD "Ai no Power Oxytocin Vol.3", we started an oxytocin relay to present another CD for the relay to those who purchased the CD.

Started piano healing "Cococal Tuning Course".


September 2022

"Oxytocin playing method" and "Cococal tuning" have evolved further from mystical experiences.


live activities


Participated in the nu-jazz band native.

April 2007

The album "Prussian Blue" has been released overseas, and he has performed live in Germany and Taiwan.
1st place on the Tower Record jazz chart, etc.
Played a role in the club jazz scene.

Formed the original pop jazz unit p-4k (peafolk).
The 1st album "in a special way" received high praise from many DJs, and released 3 albums from Impartment and 2 albums independently.

In addition, there are more than 10 CDs that participated as support.

In the duo ttd with vibraphone player Hitomi Tonooka,
Pursuing acoustic jazz by giving concerts at Nagoya City Chikusa Bunka Small Theater, Aichi Arts and Culture Theater Small Hall, Mie Prefectural Cultural Center Middle Hall, etc.

After that, he focused on playing the solo piano.

Educational institution
activities in

From around 2014

He regularly holds concerts in Shidami Gakuen, a facility for people with disabilities, several times a year, which was published in the Mainichi Shimbun.

August 2017

As a lecturer in the music therapy department at the Japan Educational Foundation,Tokyo Mode Gakuen HAL Held a lecture for students of Tokyo Metropolitan Medical School.

At the request of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, he performs at a nearby elementary school.

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